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BTL Packers Podcast 3.6

Annnnd we are back for episode 3.6 for the BTL Packers Podcast. We recap the Packers win vs the Lions. Discuss Aaron Rodgers’ merits to be the NFL MVP. Look ahead to the rematch with the Giants. Keys to the Wild Card game and what Green Bay must do to finally slay the G-Men in the playoffs at Lambeau. So enjoy, and we will be back next week to preview the Divisional Round match up or sum up a Packers loss. Hoping it is the former!



BTL Packers Podcast 3.3

And we are back after 2 straight wins that have Packers fans backing themselves off the ledge a little bit. Since we last were on; Green Bay held on for a 34-27 win against the Lions and they silenced the Giants on Sunday Night Football 23-16.

In this episode we do a round of (1:49) The Good, The Bad and The Ugly to summarize our thoughts on the last two weeks. We define what the Packers are 4 games in (21:00). And we look ahead to this weeks showdown with (28:00) Dallas and touch a little on the Thursday Night game with the Bears (I mean, come on, they’re the Bears!).

So enjoy, and feel free to leave any comments and like and share the podcast. We’ll be back soon, possibly a week, we’ll see. Till then, catch you on the flip side.



BTL Packers Podcast 2.9

We are back for our final podcast of the 2015 regular season. Listen as we let Kris botch the opening, you’re welcome bro 🙂

In this episode we dish on the following:

The Dallas game and McCarthy’s first game back as play caller.

Our thoughts on the Packers rookie cornerbacks.

Review the unimpressive Oakland win.

The Packers current roadblock on 3rd and 1.

My profession of love and admiration for Charles Woodson in the wake of his retirement news.

Our doom and gloom outlook for the matchup in Arizona and the final record predictions for the 2015 season.

And some Odell Beckham/Josh Norman reaction.

It’s a long one, 80 minutes of the best unfiltered Packers talk, so be prepared.

And as always; listen, comment and share our podcast.