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BTL’s Fantasy Football Preview-Part 1- QBs

It’s the most……wonderful time……of the year

The Beginners Intro (seasoned vets can skip ahead)

The fantasy football season is in full swing. We have terms thrown around like mock draft, sleeper, bust, value and crazy deep (nod to matthew berry). As a football purist since 1995 and a die-hard Packers fan for that time, I knew vaguely what fantasy football was about. But as I said earlier, I was a purist. If you’re not rooting for your own team, you’re not a real fan! All that changed in the summer of 2009 I was introduced to my first league by my friend James. He had finished last in his league the year before and wanted me to co-own his team to help him. I had no idea what I was doing but I knew the league well enough to be an asset that year. The rest, as they say is history. I was hooked. I started my own league (4 years running now) with my best friends and have joined countless others. Spreading the word about fantasy football to me is like spreading the gospel to others. I try to encourage as many people as possible to try it at least once. More often than not, it sticks. And why you ask? Its the fundamental principle of control. As fans of teams, we love them to death, but we have no direct control over the games’ outcome. That concept rings true in fantasy, our level of control is increased. We decide what players are on our team, we decide who starts and who sits. If a certain player goes off, well goddmanit it’s because I started him, and not because this certain player is an elite level athlete with off the charts skill sets. Simply put, fantasy football removes the fan hat and puts on the GM cap, we’re in control.

BTL’s Draft Strategy/Positional Strategy 

The Draft. it’s probably the most memorable and also crucial part to your fantasy season. Its a time when you, preferably, gather all of friends around for a live draft. Team jerseys being worn, laptops out, the beer cold and the shit talk flowing. It’s also the birth of your team that you will be managing for the next 3 months for pride and maybe some Benji’s if so fortunate. Anyways every year a player will have a draft strategy they will abide by. Some go by what the experts pass down through popular opinion. Others craft their own strategy, while some mix and match pieces of advice from all comers. Two things to remember here; 1) Be prepared, it’s just like an exam, not being prepared generally means poor performance. 2) Have fun, it’s your team, go by your instinct. While competitive, fantasy football is suppose to be about enjoyment. On to the preview:

(FYI, all advice is for a standard 10 team league)

Quarterbacks: “Good things come to those who wait”

After a couple years of deviation from the norm in the fantasy QB draft strategy, 2013 returns the QB spot to a position of VALUE. It was sexy to pick a QB in the 1st rd in 2011 and 2012. But in the span of two years, the market has been flooded with gobs of talent. In two years we’ve seen Cam Newton, RGIII, Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick all be viable top 10 fantasy QBs. Now while we still have the elite tier of Rodgers, Brees, Manning and Brady. The youngsters plus the emergence of Matt Ryan as a possible top 5 producer makes the position probably the top value in fantasy.

Now while our mock drafts and ADP’s (average draft position) suggest it is wise to wait. That doesn’t mean you should let Rodgers or Brees fall out of the 2nd round. Manning out of the 5th so on and so forth. But if you decide to wait on a signal caller, the choices in round 4 and beyond are enticing for one reason. RUNNING YARDS. The league has never had more running/mobile QBs than it does right now.

Think about it, the difference between Matt Ryan and Cam Newton. Yes Ryan threw 32 tds (4 pts/each in standard leagues) compared to Newton’s 19. But Newton also had 8 rushing touchdowns (6 pts each). The X-Factor, Ryan’s rushing yards, 141 and 1 TD. Newton put up 741 and 8. Ryan will average less than a 1 pt/game rushing output, while Newton’s per game rushing totals put him at a 4.6 pts/game output. While Newton doesn’t make up for the passing stats of Ryan, he more than smashes Ryan in every run category by a country mile. Ryan or Newton? I’m going Newton everyday and twice on sunday.

So if you do decide to wait on a QB, make sure you grab one the will run the football. Newton, RGIII, Wilson, Kaep and even Luck will provide you with more total value than say a Ryan, Brady (this year), Romo or Rothlisberger. An extra 3-4 pts a game from your QB can be the difference between a win and a loss. Choose wisely.

BTL QB Ranks:                                                     

1. Aaron Rodgers (2nd Round Value)      

2. Drew Brees (2nd Round Value)

3. Peyton Manning (3rd/4th Round Value)

4. Cam Newton (3rd/4th Round Value)

5. Matt Ryan (5th Round Value)

6. Tom Brady (5th Round Value)

7. Colin Kaepernick (5th/6th Round Value)

8. Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson (7th Round Value) 

9. Matthew Stafford (8th Round Value)

10. Andrew Luck (8th/9th Round Value)