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BTL Top 5 Friday: Best Baseball Players Right Now

Key word, right now. You probably have a good idea who might crack this list from just watching a couple nights of SportsCenter but I want to delve deeper and make the case for the players who are playing the best NOW.

Again, this will not be a long form post. Quick, concise and to the point. Let’s go:


#5 – Mike Trout


  • Surprised a little? Aghast to see baseball’s golden boy at only #5?
  • Well up until a week ago, he probably wouldn’t have cracked this list but the man is on fire.
  • Over the past week Trout is hitting .367 3 HRs and 11RBI’s!
  • You can’t deny the talent and it is about time. With the current injuries to the Halos pitching staff, they need Trout to be at MVP level if they hope to stay afloat.

#4 – Jake Arrieta


  • Cool it Dodger fans, no, Kershaw didn’t make the list and that’s because Arrieta has been better to start the year nearly across the board.
  • Not by much but when you’ve already notched a no-hitter, despite having only your “B” stuff, that is quite remarkable.
  • His K/9 isn’t were it sat last year but Arrieta is inducing more weak contact than ever.
  • His line through the season’s first month is absurd; 6-0 / 37 K’s / 0.84 ERA / 0.74 WHIP


#3 – Bryce Harper


  • It kinda sucks that he went on that week long slump. If not, he’d be at #1 no questions asked.
  • If Trout is baseball’s golden boy, Harper is its chosen one. And he’s starting to check every box for that title.
  • He’s already had clutch moments with 2 grand slams and a pinch hit game-tying HR in the bottom of the ninth.
  • His line so far is .274 / 19 runs / 10 HRs / 26 RBIs / 5 SBs. Turn back the clocks two weeks ago and that average would be hovering around .330!
  • With the massive strides he has made in his strikeout and walk rates (going along with his power), he is the closest thing we have seen to early 2000s Barry Bonds……..think about that…….not even Trout can say that.

#2 – Nolan Arenado


  • To hold the mantle of best all-around 3rd baseman in the league is like asking who is the best Laker of all-time? The field is stacked, but Arenado is a cut above the rest.
  • He is already following through on his expected HR/FB upside this year. Even after jumping from 7.1% – 11.4% – 18.5% the last three years. He was expected to jump even more this year! Dumb just dumb.
  • It would be a crime not to include his Brooks Robinson-like defense at the hot corner. He is what Andrelton Simmons for SS but at 3B.
  • When you post a line of .306 / 26 runs / 12 HRs / 28 RBIs after April, that’s MVP level.
  • You can say he is a product of Coors Field but he’s already debunked that myth as he’s hit more home runs on the road since 2015 than at home.
  • Do I hear 50 home runs this year? We just might see it.


#1 – Jose Altuve


  • Pound for pound, the best player in the MLB right now and it’s not even close.
  • He has continued to progress every aspect of his game. His walk rate has jumped while his contact rate seems to never fall.
  • What might be most astonishing is his power output so far. 9 HRs from a 2nd baseman that stands maybe 5’6”.
  • His overall line is absolutely ridiculous; .330 / 27 runs / 9 HRs / 19 RBIs / 10 SBs.
  • He does everything but pitch, and if he did, the Astros may just be in first place, maybe haha.
  • For everyone playing right now, no one holds a candle to Altuve and he’s got the championship belt of Best Baseball Player Right Now.



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