BTL-Pop Culture

Yes there are other things in life then sports. And here we we will cover them; TV shows and Movies. For the non-sports addict in you. Enjoy

The Walking Dead wrapped up it’s 3rd Season last night. I for one was disappointed. After starting out strong in the beginning of Season 3, it didn’t build on it’s momentum. I thought that it dangled the “going war” chip far too long. And when they eventually did the showdown between The Governor and Rick, it left a lot to be desired. With hope of finding a cure for the infected all but gone. The only thing the show has to stand on is the conflict between the living. Andrea needed to die so that wasn’t so much as a surprise. The people going to live with the group was a nice sentimental touch but in a world where those feelings are all but devoid, who really cares. Now I know the Governor is still a threat but he has an army of 3, and they probably don’t trust the trigger-happy psychopath anyway. Where does the show go from here? I don’t know but it’s slowing losing it’s grip as entertaining television, much like the way Dexter has now. Let’s hope for a rebound effort next year.




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