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Mike Visconti

Welcome to This sports blog is created by myself and friends to best inform, analyze and inspire debate among all the topics in sports. My name is Mike Visconti, you can look for my work under the username Mikev87. We will cover all the main sports; NFL, NBA and MLB etc. But also delve into the other areas of the spectrum of sports. NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, College Football, Fantasy Sports and even some Pop Culture here and there. We appreciate any feedback and your thoughts and input are always welcomed.

My love of sports goes back to my early years in Pop Warner football and Boys and Girls Club basketball. I played all major sports through the majority of my young life. Baseball and Basketball in high school. I grew up watching ESPN, Around the Horn, PTI, NFL Network etc. discussing sports on an intelligent level has always been a passion of mine.

My love of writing about sports took off in my college years. Specifically when I read, When Pride still Mattered by David Maraniss, a biography about the life of Vince Lombardi. And my inspiration, The Book of Basketball: The NBA According to the Sports Guy by Bill Simmons. A 700 page, fresh look at the history of basketball from the beginnings to present day. In fact I follow anything and everything attached to Simmons. I listen to every BS Report podcast he has. His BS Report contributors are a who’s who in the world of sports journalism. Former NFLN commentator and current Browns GM Mike Lombardi. From; Bill Barnwell (NFL), Zach Lowe (NBA), Jonah Keri (MLB), Jalen Rose etc. The whole Grantland site is a groundbreaking way to link sports and pop culture in one medium. I urge you to check it out. It is the primary inspiration for this blog.

Just for the record so you know where i stand as far as teams; Die-hard Green Bay Packers fan since 1995(I bleed green and gold), Seattle Mariners (1997), LA Lakers (1998) and Kentucky Wildcats basketball (1997). There you go, enjoy!


Kris Visconti

Tim Tamblyn

Hey guys my name is Tim Tamblyn, I am one of the three guys in the BTL Packer Podcast. I have been friends with Mike since freshman year of high school. I have been a massive sports fan since I can remember, and have expanded my knowledge of sports as I have gotten older.

It all started when I was five years old as i started playing tee ball and fell in love with baseball. I have always been super interested in the sport. As a kid I could tell you every player, their number and when they made their pro debut. My team for baseball is the Angels, always has been and always will be.

It wasn’t until Super Bowl 32 that I got into football. I remember watching the Broncos play the Packers that year, and at the time I didn’t care about football, the Angels were it for me at the time. But then I saw this young buck named Brett Favre playing quarterback, throwing the ball around the field like he was playing in his backyard. From then on I fell in love with football and the Packers became my team. It wasn’t until I met Mike that I really became serious as a fan, since his knowledge of the game and the team was far and above were I was at the time. So thanks to Mike he pushed my knowledge and passion for football to another level.

Finally the last sport that I truly follow is basketball. Again I wasn’t a huge fan of basketball when I was younger until I saw the now infamous “Black Mamba” first play for the Lakers. I saw how talented and hungry he was as a player to win that he motivated myself to be better at baseball. As a Laker fan I’ve been spoiled, all they do is win and they are a great organization at least when the great Jerry Buss was running things not Jim.

I hope you guys enjoy our podcasts and posts about all the different and interesting things in sports and pop culture. Thanks for stopping by BTL Sports for all your sports news.


Daniel Visconti

My name is Daniel Visconti and I happen to be the cousin of the founder of BTL, Michael Visconti. We live on different sides of the world (California and Georgia) where the cultural differences are alarming.

Football is king here in the southeast. It is a religion in the southeast. Personally, I am an alumni from the University of Georgia and I’ve been a season ticket holder ever since graduation. Therefore, if any of the readers out there sense some bias with some of my remarks regarding UGA, please forgive me.Because I truly bleed red and black, I know about most top notch talent going to play in the SEC before they even graduate high school. As a diehard UGA fan, this has lead me to know everything going on in the SEC.

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