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BTL Packers Podcast 2.9

We are back for our final podcast of the 2015 regular season. Listen as we let Kris botch the opening, you’re welcome bro ­čÖé

In this episode we dish on the following:

The Dallas game and McCarthy’s first game back as play caller.

Our thoughts on the Packers rookie cornerbacks.

Review the unimpressive Oakland win.

The Packers current roadblock on 3rd and 1.

My profession of love and admiration for Charles Woodson in the wake of his retirement news.

Our doom and gloom outlook for the matchup in Arizona and the final record predictions for the 2015 season.

And some Odell Beckham/Josh Norman reaction.

It’s a long one, 80 minutes of the best unfiltered Packers talk, so be prepared.

And as always; listen, comment and share our podcast.



Week 14 NFL Picks

Last Week: 8-8

This Week: 0-1

-Atlanta Falcons @ Carolina Panthers / Line: CAR -9

Superman keeps rolling against one of the biggest early season frauds this year.

CAR -9

-Buffalo Bills @ Philadelphia Eagles / Line: BUF -1

Don’t be fooled by last weeks unsustainable special teams performance by the Eagles, going with the better quarterback and team…… and coach.

BUF -1

-Detroit Lions @ St. Louis Rams / Line: DET -3

St. Louis Rams are the new Detroit Lions, they look to have quit on Jeff Fisher. New city and coach coming soon.

DET -3

-Indianapolis Colts @ Jacksonville Jaguars / Line: Pick Em

The Jags are more talented and have the weapons to play downhill as evidence from last week. The Colts don’t.


-New Orleans  Saints @ Tampa Bay  Buccaneers / Line: TB -4.5

The Saints have the worst defense in the league and Jameis is coming into his own.

TB -4.5

-Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cincinnati Bengal / Line: CIN -3

The Steelers are the hottest offense in football, they are playing for their playoff lives, take Ben and the points.

PIT +3

-San Diego Chargers @ Kansas City Chiefs / Line: KC -10

The hottest all round team in the NFL, the Chargers are in the cellar. This could get ugly and quick.

KC -10

-San Francisco 49ers @ Cleveland Browns / Line: CLE -1.5

Johnny Football strikes back. Just don’t count me as a believer. As crazy as it sounds, I have more faith in Blaine Gabbert, yeah, I just said that.

SF +1.5

-Seattle Seahawks @ Baltimore Ravens / Line: SEA -13

Does Seattle repeat last weeks road ass kicking? Can Matt Schaub score 20 points? 17 points? I don’t think so.

SEA -13

-Tennessee Titans @ New York Jets / Line: NYJ -7

Mariota had his breakout game last week with four total touchdowns. I think he keeps rolling enough to cover the spread this week.

TEN +7

-Washington Redskins @ Chicago Bears / Line: CHI -3.5

The Bears loss to the Nines last week was inexcusable. The DC Grudens (<-Joe House) are always frisky, Chicago has no business being favored by more than 3 points.

WAS +3.5

-Oakland Raiders @ Denver Broncos / Line: DEN -7

The Osweiler-led Broncos have a higher ceiling than they ever did with Peyton. Oakland is still learning how to make the next jump.


-Dallas Cowboys @ Green Bay Packers / Line: GB -7

While the Hail Mary may have saved the season for Green Bay, the flaws are still there. Dallas is still alive for the playoffs, it will rain on Sunday (GB has already played poorly in one rain game this year), take the Cowboys and the points.


-New England @ Houston Texans / Line: NE -4

Last time Belicheck and Brady lost three in a row? 2002. Brady > Hoyer. Enough said.


-New York Giants @ Miami Dolphins / Line: NYG -1.5

Time for the real Eli to stand up. There are still in contention for he playoffs in December and that is always dangerous while Tom Coughlin is still alive.

NYG -1.5


BTL Packers Podcast 2.8

The Miracle in Motown. The Motor City Miracle. Whatever you want to call it, we have you covered with the entire BTL crew this time. In this episode we recap the following:

-What was your thought process on the Hail Mary?

-Was this the greatest Packers walk off win ever?

-Does this win really change anything?

-Dallas and Oakland preview

-What would it take to consider the 2015 season a success?


All that and so much more. Enjoy, and as always, like, comment and share the podcast!





Week 13 NFL Picks

Week 13:

Jets @ Giants / Line: NYJ -1

  • Giants (+1) over JETS

Cardinals @ Rams / Line: AZ -4.5

  • Cardinals (-4.5) over RAMS

Falcons @ Buccaneers / Line: EVEN

  • BUCCANEERS over Falcons

Seahawks @ Vikings / Line: SEA -1

  • VIKINGS (+1) over Seahawks

Texans @ Bills / Line: BUF -3

  • Texans (-3) over BILLS

Ravens @ Dolphins / Line: MIA -3.5

  • DOLPHINS (-3.5) over Ravens

Bengals @ Browns / Line: CIN -10.5

  • Bengals (-10.5) over BROWNS

Jaguars @ Titans / Line: TEN -2.5

  • Jaguars (+2.5) over TITANS

Niners @ Bears / Line: CHI -8.5

  • BEARS (-8.5) over Niners

Broncos @ Chargers / Line: DEN -3.5

  • Broncos (-3.5) over Chargers

Chiefs @ Raiders / Line: KC -2.5

  • Chiefs (-2.5) over RAIDERS

Panthers @ Saints / Line: CAR -7

  • Panthers (-7) over SAINTS

Eagles @ Patriots / Line: NE -10.5

  • Eagles (+10.5) over PATRIOTS

Colts @ Steelers / Line: PIT -7.5

  • STEELERS (-7.5) over Colts

Cowboys @ Redskins / Line: WAS -4

  • REDSKINS (-4) over Cowboys


BTL Packers Podcast 2.7

A special edition of the BTL Packers Podcast to recap the stunning events that transpired last night. Forever now known as the “Miracle in Motown” and the “Motor City Miracle”, we just had to react to a season saving throw and win for the Green Bay Packers.

In this edition, we talk about what went through our minds during the final play. Did Rodgers have enough on that ball? Was this the greatest Packers walk-off win ever? Does this win really change anything?  And so much more. What was planned to be a 20 minute podcast turned into 45 minutes! Give us a listen to find out.

And as always, like and share the podcast and enjoy!

-Mike Visconti


Thursday Night Football Pick

Packers @ Lions / Line: GB -3

“Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in”

That was the famous line uttered by Al Pacino in The Godfather Part III. Just when Michael Corleone thought he was finished with all the mafia vendettas, debts and ties; the mob pulls him into yet another bloody and costly war. I feel the same way about the Packers. The Minnesota game was supposed to be a turning point. A season-saving win. A statement game in the new way this Packers team would play football going forward.

Instead, we got a listless performance, on of all things, “Brett Favre Night”. An inexcusable loss to of all teams, the goddamn Bears. It is now December, I have absolutely no feel for this team, and more importantly, this offense. They have tread water for far too long, something needs to click and fast or they will be just the third team (2003 Vikings & 2009 Broncos) to start 6-0 and miss the playoffs.

The Lions on the other hand are perhaps football’s hottest team. They kicked the shit out of Chip Kelly’s Eagles on Thanksgiving. They played a gritty and tough fought game in a victory against the Raiders. And they beat yours truly, Green Bay, three weeks ago to kick start this mini resurgence. This coincidences with the promotion of the best coaching name in football, Jim Bob Cooter as offensive coordinator. And his ground-breaking offensive strategy to force-feed Calvin Johnson the ball, you know, only the most unstoppable force at wide receiver since 2007.

But can Detroit pull yet another upset? After all they did in fact end the 23 year Lions┬álosing streak in Wisconsin just three weeks ago. A sweep of the Packers would put them into the conversation of NFC Wildcard teams. As for the Packers, if they lose this game, it’s over. Kiss the division goodbye, and the Wild Card as well. If they can’t beat the Lions in a must win game, they don’t deserve the post-season anyways.

Green Bay is usually very good in bounce-back, season-saving, all-in games. They already won one quite handily in Minnesota against a far superior opponent. As a Packers fan, the only thing that scares me is one of “those” games for Calvin Johnson. Everything else, a good team, a playoff team should be able to handle. And I still think they are a playoff team.

Packers over LIONS (-3)